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The highlights of the
Winter Auctions 08/-09/12/2017

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Image under artist's copyright.3031
Vlaminck, Maurice de
1876 Paris - 1958 Rueil-la-Gadelière.
«Vue de Village». 1922. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. ...
hammer price: 40000,- EUR
(starting price: 15000,- EUR)
Hauptmann, Karl
1880 Freiburg i.Br. - 1947 Todtnau.
Farm houses at Kinzigtal valley in the evening. Oil on canvas. ...
hammer price: 10500,- EUR
(starting price: 7500,- EUR)
Hauptmann, Karl
1880 Freiburg i.Br. - 1947 Todtnau.
«Wintertag in Ettersbach. Schwarzwald (winter’s day at ...
hammer price: 10000,- EUR
(starting price: 8000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3029
Schönberger, Armand
1885 Galgóc - 1974 Budapest.
«Cabaret». Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Verso auction note. ...
hammer price: 9500,- EUR
(starting price: 6000,- EUR)
Paar buddhistische Wächterfiguren
Pair of Buddhist guardian deities on pedestals. China 18th C. Lacquer-gilt bronze.
Provenance: private ...
hammer price: 9000,- EUR
(starting price: 600,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3071
Förg, Günther
1952 Füssen - 2013 Freiburg i.Br.
Untitled (green-orange). Gouache on light cardboard. Signed upper ...
hammer price: 8500,- EUR
(starting price: 4000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3075
Förg, Günther
1952 Füssen - 2013 Freiburg i.Br.
Untitled (red). Gouache on light cardboard. Signed upper right and ...
hammer price: 8500,- EUR
(starting price: 7500,- EUR)
Heffner, Julius
1877 Bretzingen - 1951 Freiburg i.Br.
View from Feldberg over Wiesental valley in autumn. Oil on ...
hammer price: 7000,- EUR
(starting price: 1000,- EUR)
Schweiz um 1970. Edelstahl. Glattes, rundes Gehäuse. Schwarzes Zifferblatt mit arabischer und aufgelegter ...
hammer price: 6200,- EUR
(starting price: 3500,- EUR)
Schweiz 1990er Jahre. GG 18 Kt. Glattes, rundes Gehäuse. Vergoldetes Zifferblatt mit aufgelegter ...
hammer price: 6000,- EUR
(starting price: 6000,- EUR)
Musealer Hochzeitsbecher
Museum quality wedding cup. Probably Christian Schließer, Augsburg circa 1696. Silver, partially gilt. Assay mark, test ...
hammer price: 6000,- EUR
(starting price: 800,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3109
Uecker, Günther
Geb. 1930 Wendorf, lebt und arbeitet in Düsseldorf und St. Gallen.
«Spirale (spiral)». Embossing on strong wove ...
hammer price: 5800,- EUR
(starting price: 4000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3106
Stamos, Theodoros
1922 New York - 1997 Ioannina.
«Infinity Field» - Lefkada Series. 1980. Acrylic on paper. Verso signed. Verso on the ...
hammer price: 5200,- EUR
(starting price: 4000,- EUR)
Badischer Hofporträtist
Baden court portrait painter 18th C. Margrave Louis William of Baden-Baden, also known as Türkenlouis ...
hammer price: 5000,- EUR
(starting price: 2500,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.2082
Dill, Otto
1884 Neustadt a.d. Hardt - 1957 Bad Dürkheim.
Young woman on horseback. Circa 1930. Oil on cardboard. Signed lower ...
hammer price: 4400,- EUR
(starting price: 4000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3027
Picasso, Pablo
1881 Málaga - 1973 Mougins.
«Petite Colombe de la Paix». Offset lithograph in colours on strong wove paper. Signed ...
hammer price: 4400,- EUR
(starting price: 3000,- EUR)
Paar Brillantohrclips
Deutsch 1990er Jahre. Platin 960 und WG 14 Kt. (Clip). C-förmige Schauseite, vollständig ausgefasst mit je ...
hammer price: 3600,- EUR
(starting price: 1200,- EUR)
Kokosnusspokal mit Fabeltierrelief und weiblichem Akt
Coconut cup with fabulous beast’s relief and female nude. Switzerland, probably Valais circa 1676. Silver 835 and ...
hammer price: 3500,- EUR
(starting price: 500,- EUR)
Dieter, Hans
1881 Mannheim - 1968 Tuttlingen.
View from the Schauinslandbahn over Horben, Freiburg i.Br. and ...
hammer price: 3500,- EUR
(starting price: 3500,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3010
Böckstiegel, Peter August
1889 Arrode/Werther - 1951 ebd.
Village street with house. Watercolour on paper, mounted on cardboard. Signed lower ...
hammer price: 3400,- EUR
(starting price: 1600,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.3030
Stauffer, Fred
1892 Gümligen - 1980 Thörishaus.
In the parlour. Oil on masonite. Signed lower right. Verso handwritten inscribed ...
hammer price: 3400,- EUR
(starting price: 1500,- EUR)
Seltener Schlangenarmreif
Frankreich um 1870. GG 18 Kt. und Email. Ovaler, schauseitig vollständig emaillierter Reif in Gestalt ...
hammer price: 3300,- EUR
(starting price: 700,- EUR)
Frankreich um 1890. Platin, GG 18 Kt., unterlegt und 8 Kt. (Kette). Runde Ankergliederkette, ...
hammer price: 3000,- EUR
(starting price: 1600,- EUR)
Faltfächer mit höfischer Szenerie
Folding fan with hand-painted court scene in a summer landscape. M. Alexandre, Paris 1872. Gouache on silk, ivory, ...
hammer price: 2500,- EUR
(starting price: 500,- EUR)
Niederländischer Meister
Dutch master 17th C. Archangel Michael and the fall of the damned. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Verso ...
hammer price: 2400,- EUR
(starting price: 1000,- EUR)
Seltene Brillant-Amethyst-Blütenbrosche
Frankreich um 1930. WG 18 Kt. Plastisch gearbeitete Brosche in Form einer wilden Stiefmütterchenblüte, im ...
hammer price: 2200,- EUR
(starting price: 1200,- EUR)
Surbek, Victor
1885 Zäziwil - 1975 Bern.
«Große Winterlandschaft (large winter landscape)». Oil and mixed media on canvas. Signed ...
hammer price: 2000,- EUR
(starting price: 2000,- EUR)
A.-Lange-&-Söhne-Herrentaschenuhr mit Kette
Glashütte Dresden um 1940. RG 14 Kt. und GG 14 Kt. (Kette). Glattes, rundes ...
hammer price: 1900,- EUR
(starting price: 1600,- EUR)