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The highlights of the
Autumn Auctions 19.–20.10.2018

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Unless expressly stated otherwise in the catalogue description, the boxes shown are for decoration only and are the property of the auction house.
Certificates originating from gemmological laboratories merely serve the purpose of providing information to the bidder. Kaupp will not assume any liability for the accuracy, the specifications or the information featured in these certificates.
Also, gems may have been treated with various techniques to increase their colour. This is not specifically mentioned in the descriptions.
Paar Cartier Brillantcreolen
Paris um 2004. WG 18 Kt. Halbcreolen an Clipbrisur, wabenförmige Schauseite, vollständig besetzt mit je ...
hammer price: 19000,- EUR
(starting price: 19000,- EUR)
Sammlung von 30 Goldmünzen
Collection of 30 gold coins. Fine gold. One 20 Francs coin Empire Français 1865, one 20 Francs coin République ...
hammer price: 5200,- EUR
(starting price: 1500,- EUR)
Sammlung von 32 Goldmünzen
Collection of 32 gold coins. Fine gold. One 100 Dollar Kangaroo Nugget coin Australia 1990 1-Oz, one 50 Dollar Kangaroo ...
hammer price: 7600,- EUR
(starting price: 1500,- EUR)
Wrist Watches
Unless expressly stated, it cannot be guaranteed that wrist and pocket watches nor that wall clocks, table clocks and floor clocks are complete and functional. It is therefore highly recommended to view these beforehand.
Also, we wish to point out that water-resistant and watertight watches may have been opened by our respective experts during the creation of the catalogue in order to facilitate a precise description of the watch mechanism. For this reason it is impossible to guarantee that the watches are water-resistant and watertight at the time of purchase.
Omega Speedmaster 125 Herrenarmbanduhr
Biel 1973. Edelstahl. Glattes, tonneauförmiges Gehäuse. Schwarzes Zifferblatt mit aufgelegter Stiftminuterie, ...
hammer price: 1400,- EUR
(starting price: 600,- EUR)
Cartier Tank Americaine Unisex-Armbanduhr
Paris 2000er Jahre. GG 18 Kt. Glattes, hochrechteckiges Gehäuse, Krone besetzt mit einem Saphircabochon. ...
hammer price: 3200,- EUR
(starting price: 1500,- EUR)
Modern and Contemporary Art
The items tend to be framed; if works are not framed, this is stated specifically in the description. Frames are a complimentary bonus. For compelling technical design reasons the margins on certain illustrations may have been trimmed.
Dimensions are indicated in cm and in the following order: height, width, depth. Dimensions for graphic sheets and printed artworks are referring to the plate size for gravure and the depiction size for flat screen printing techniques. Original drawings are specified by the sheet size. Works which have not been removed from the frame due to technical reasons are characterized by the additional comment cut-out of passepartout.
Image under artist's copyright.
Brockhusen, Theo von
1882 Marggrabowa - 1919 Berlin.
«Gardone VII». Circa 1913. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Verso on the stretcher a label, ...
hammer price: 16000,- EUR
(starting price: 15000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Coghuf, d.i. Ernst Stocker.
1905 Basel - 1976 Muriaux.
«Le Légionnaire». Oil on canvas. Signed lower left and dated 1933. Verso on the stretcher ...
hammer price: 3600,- EUR
(starting price: 800,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Le Corbusier, d.i. Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris
1887 La Chaux-de-Fonds - 1965 Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.
«Femme nue allongée». 1951/52. Oil with grattage and gouache on ...
hammer price: 27000,- EUR
(starting price: 18000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Picasso, Pablo
1881 Málaga - 1973 Mougins.
«Visage no. 127». 1963. White earthenware ceramic with engobe and oxide ...
hammer price: 4000,- EUR
(starting price: 300,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Arakawa, Shusaku
1936 Nagoya - 2010 New York.
«Untitled». Acrylic with pencil on canvas. Signed lower middle, titled and dated 1968. ...
hammer price: 45000,- EUR
(starting price: 10000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Berges, Werner
1941 Cloppenburg - 2017 Schallstadt bei Freiburg i.Br.
«Na Na Na». Oil and acrylic on canvas, mounted ...
hammer price: 5500,- EUR
(starting price: 2800,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Castellani, Enrico
1930 Castelmassa - 2017 Viterbo.
«12/58». 1958. Oil, wire and textiles on canvas. Verso signed and titled.
H 30, ...
hammer price: 13000,- EUR
(starting price: 10000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Förg, Günther
1952 Füssen - 2013 Freiburg i.Br.
Untitled (black-blue). Gouache on light cardboard. Signed upper right ...
hammer price: 8000,- EUR
(starting price: 5000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Mühl, Roger
1929 Straßburg - 2008 Mougins.
«Oliviers et cyprès». Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Verso titled and inscribed ...
hammer price: 9000,- EUR
(starting price: 3000,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Penck, A.R., d.i. Ralf Winkler
1939 Dresden - 2017 Zürich.
Untitled - figures. Serigraph in colours on light cardboard. Signed lower right and ...
hammer price: 1700,- EUR
(starting price: 300,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Quinte, Lothar
1923 Neisse - 2000 Wintzenbach.
Untitled - running black and red. Oil on canvas. Verso signed and dated (19)79. ...
hammer price: 6000,- EUR
(starting price: 5500,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Sicilia, José María
Geb. 1954 Madrid, lebt und arbeitet in Paris, Mallorca und New York.
«Fleur vert». Acrylic on canvas. Verso signed, ...
hammer price: 12000,- EUR
(starting price: 5500,- EUR)
Image under artist's copyright.
Uecker, Günther
Geb. 1930 Wendorf, lebt und arbeitet in Düsseldorf und St. Gallen.
«Strömung 2016 Rostock (current 2016 Rostock)». ...
hammer price: 6700,- EUR
(starting price: 5000,- EUR)
Art Nouveau, Art déco and Design
Speisebesteck «Belle Epoque»
Cutlery «Belle Epoque». Model by Gustav Elsaß 1930 for Koch & Bergfeld, Bremen second half 20th C. Silver ...
hammer price: 2100,- EUR
(starting price: 400,- EUR)
Tischlampe «Faszination»
Table lamp «Faszination (fascination)». Model by Wilhelm Thomasch for Goldscheider circa 1922. Pottery, painted in ...
hammer price: 1900,- EUR
(starting price: 400,- EUR)
Großes Speisebesteck in Historismus Aufsatzschrank
Extensive cutlery in Historism top cabinet. Wilkens & Söhne, Bremen-Hemelingen circa 1900. Partially gilt silver 800 ...
hammer price: 4600,- EUR
(starting price: 1200,- EUR)
Teekanne mit floralem Dekor
Tea pot with floral decoration. KPM, Berlin circa 1805. Porcelain, painted in royal blue, etched and gilt. Etrurian ...
hammer price: 3700,- EUR
(starting price: 500,- EUR)
Teller aus dem 2. Potsdamschen Service
Plate from the 2nd Potsdam service. KPM, Berlin circa 1768. Model «Reliefzierat». Porcelain, painted in polychrome ...
hammer price: 1900,- EUR
(starting price: 200,- EUR)
Tasse und Unterschale «Reliefzierat mit Stäben»
Cup and saucer «Reliefzierat mit Stäben». KPM, Berlin circa 1770. Porcelain, painted in polychrome colours and gold. ...
hammer price: 1150,- EUR
(starting price: 250,- EUR)
Tasse und Unterschale «Neu Dessin»
Cup and saucer «Neu Dessin». KPM, Berlin circa 1765. Porcelain, painted in polychrome colours and gold. City views in ...
hammer price: 1500,- EUR
(starting price: 250,- EUR)
African Art
The description of the following objects has been done with the utmost care and to the best of our ability. Due to the specific properties of the subject, information given on composition and age of the objects are subjective opinions. For this reason we like to emphasise that complaints will not be accepted. Age related defects of the various materials are not explicitly mentioned in the catalogue descriptions. Viewing is therefore highly recommended.
Stehende Ahnenfigur der Baule
Standing ancestral figure of the Baule. Ivory Coast. Carved and patinated wood. Wooden base later. Signs of use, wood ...
hammer price: 3000,- EUR
(starting price: 300,- EUR)
Männliche «Tugubele» Figur der Senufo
Male figure «Tugubele» of the Senufo. Ivory Coast. Carved and patinated wood. Signs of use.
H 18,5, W 6,5 cm. ...
hammer price: 3800,- EUR
(starting price: 300,- EUR)
Sculptures and Bronzes
Paar Napoleon III Girandolen «Porte-Flambeaux»
Pair of Napoleon III candelabra «Porte-Flambeaux». France circa 1860. Fire-gilt and burnished bronze as well as marble. ...
hammer price: 16000,- EUR
(starting price: 7000,- EUR)
Religion and Folk Art
Museale gotische Pietà
Museum quality Gothic Pietà. Lower Rhine 1460 - 1480. Carved wood with hollowed back side, painted in ...
hammer price: 13000,- EUR
(starting price: 9000,- EUR)
Perlmuttikone mit Szenen aus dem Leben Christi
Mother-of-pearl icon with scenes from the life of Christ. Greece 19th C. Mother-of-pearl with attached ...
hammer price: 1800,- EUR
(starting price: 300,- EUR)
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