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Kaupp about KAUPP

spacer It is not really necessary
to read all of this...

...if you know us already, as there would probably be nothing much to add. For those who are already familiar with us, there is little need for words. If, however, you have not yet heard of us, you might be curious - curious about our auctions, about our good connections to first-class consigners, curious about our expert art historical knowledge, curious about our castle, curious about us. Curiousity is always advantageous, for without the desire to experience new things there would be no art, no creativity, no new passion and friends.
So be curious!
Explore our catalogues, come to our auctions, get to know us. Experience the adventure of bidding and finally purchasing a beautiful historical piece of art. The ambiance, the atmosphere, the people – all of this is KAUPP. It is as simple as that.
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