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Worth Knowing

The prices specified in the catalogue are limit prices.
Together with the hammer price, a premium of 28 % must be
paid to the auctioneer and the additional statutory value
added tax (vat) payable for the premium.
For live-online bids, an additional fee of 3 % respectively 5 %, depending on the provider, will be levied to compensate the resulting third-party costs.
The catalogue descriptions drawn up to the best of our knowledge and belief are no warranties in the legal sense and do not become part of the contractually agreed quality.
The catalogue descriptions are drawn up with great care, but subject to correction. It is recommended to assure yourself of the condition of the items or to submit written inquiries. Please observe our terms and conditions of auction.
The condition reports contained in the online catalogue are only intended to provide indications as to severe damage. The individual condition of the particular auction items is in general considered for the auction prices.
Normal age-related signs of usage will not be mentioned in particular. Damages, chips and restorations will be pointed out in the condition report insofar as these were visible for the clerk in charge. As they can only be pointed out in general, it is within prospective buyer’s discretion to find out about the scope, extent and/or type themselves.
We provide no guarantee for the captions in the pictures part. The item numbers indicated in the text shall be binding. All items are shown in our online catalogue at www.kaupp.de.
You will also find further detailed pictures of many items there.
Our regular office hours are Tuesday to Friday from 2 pm – 5 pm, or by arrangement.
We would ask you to pick up the purchased items within eight days.
From Thursday after the auctions, there will be again the possibility of post auction sale.
Information concerning the procedures involved in the auction provided during or directly after the auction – in particular accepted bids and hammer prices – shall only be binding if they are confirmed in writing. The results will be announced on the Internet at www.kaupp.de a few hours after the end of the auction.
Export to countries outside the EU are subject to the restrictions of the UNESCO convention from 1970 and the European Agreement for the Protection of Cultural Heritage from 1993. For exports within the EU the Act to Protect German Cultural Property against Removal (Kulturgutschutzgesetz) has been in force since 6th August 2016.
Moreover, the CITES regulations also apply. Objects made from a material of a protected species are subject to certain trade restrictions. Trade is only permitted within the EU. A permit is required for export to third countries. We point out that such a permission is usually not given. Leather bracelets made of these materials are removed before shipping.
The objects made from a material of a protected species are marked.
Companies from other EU member states which supplied proof of their VAT identification numbers when receiving their bidding number respectively when submitting their bid can be exempted from VAT.
Buyers residing outside of the eu who export their auctioned items to an address located in a third country must furnish security in the amount of the statutory vat. The VAT will be refunded provided that they present the stamped export docu-ments to the auctioneer within six weeks after the auction and that the tax amount exceeds 50 € per invoice. The cost of preparing the export documents and the transport as well as any import sales taxes and duties due abroad must be borne by the buyer.
The German catalogue wording prevails.