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Inimitably comfortable
placing bids at KAUPP
Auctions at Kaupp are unique and exciting – they are not to be missed. Even if your schedule does not allow your presence during the auction, you are naturally able to bid virtually.
This can be done either on the Internet or by sending us the following form by fax, email or by post: PDF-Version Simply note your personal highest bid for each particular item. In order to be binding, this bidding form must be filled in using block letters and must arrive no later than one day before the auction begins. Please note that it is the catalogue number which is valid and binding, and not the title of the item.

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In order to secure that your favourite item will soon be in your possession without fail, you can also bid by telephone. Simply give us your telephone number and the catalogue number(s) on which you want to bid and we will call you prior to the bidding on your desired object. This way you can feel the excitement as if you were in the auction room yourself. This service is complementary for objects with a starting price of 250 € of more.
I hereby authorise Auktionshaus Kaupp GmbH, on my behalf and for my account, to offer the
catalogue numbers listed below up to the specified highest bid at the «Winter Auctions 24.11–25.11.2023» or
subsequent post-auction sale. The indicated catalogue number (not the title of the object) is
binding for orders. The offers are binding highest bids and do not include the buyer’s premium (see terms and conditions of auction), the surcharge may also be made at a lower price. We ask all customers to send us a copy of their identity card or passport. Kaupp retains the right to obtain bank information or references.

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I would like to take part in the auction by telephone:
(this service is possible starting from a limit of 250 EUR.) A telephone bid means that you automatically bid at the starting price, even if we do not get you on the phone during the sale.
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 The items will be collected by me personally
 Please pass the items after payment to the transport company I instructed for shipping
Declaration of consent (Privacy Statement)
 I hereby declare that I consent to the collected data being saved and used for sending advertising and information to me by email and mail. I may cancel this agreement informally at any time. I have read the Data Privacy Policy and I agree.
I am interested in following catalogues:
 Modern & Contemporary Art
 Decorative Arts & Antiques
 Books & Autographs
 Asian, African & South American Art
 Old Masters
 Jewellery, Clocks & Watches

I know the terms for public sale and I recognise that compliance with the terms is obligatory.
According to § 8 paragraph 2 of the Money Laundering Act, we have been obliged to implement extended security measures since 01.01.2020. Please note the information after submitting your bids.